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Administrative Offices

Welcome to Rowe Foundry. Our 107,140 square foot facility holds state-of-the art equipment, and dedicated staff to ensure every order meets your quality and service standards.


Our core department is capable of producing up to 2,000 cores per shift. This automated system allows us to make cores weighing from a couple of ounces to 75 pounds. We are also able to use a variety of sands, which allows us to make very intricate cores with very high tolerances.


We have two different molding lines at this time. The first system gives us about six flask type molds per hour and is used primarily for our larger castings. The second is the IMF molding system that allows us to produce up to 15 flask-less molds per hour. The IMF system is also very adaptable to a wide range of pattern sizes, from 36" x 36" to 65" x 90" without hindering the process. The automated rollover machine separates the sand mold form the pattern with precision and unmatched accuracy. The tip-up machine allows the operator to apply the mold coating efficiently to provide a superior casting finish. Automating the process of closing the cope on the drag ensures our customers the most accurate fit for parting design. This system also offers automated indexing of more than 120 molds in the pour and storage area as well as tracking for special requirements of a variety of molds. An overhead control room which tracks molds and provides trouble-shooting, helps monitor the entire system.


This system offers automated indexing of more than 120 molds in the pour and storage area as well as tracking for special requirements or a variety of molds. Molds are poured directly on the lines and then left to cool and wait to be shook out.


In 2009 the installation of a new Inductotherm Dual Track melting system was completed. This system is capable of melting 15 ton per hour and allows us to produce a broad class range of grey iron as well as ductile.


Shakeout for our IMF lines is centered around a robotic arm/manipulator, which removes the castings from their sand mold. We process all of our no-bake sand through the IMF reclamation system and then reuse 95% of the sand back to molding. This system is very fast and efficient. By utilizing the manipulator and overhead bridge cranes we can minimize abuse between shakeout and finishing.


There are three parts to our finishing process. First the casting goes through a shot blaster where it is cleaned of all foreign matter. The casting is then sent to grinding. Because of the precision of our molding and coring departments, very little grinding is needed. Lastly the casting can be sent to paint where several industrial coatings can be applied.

Shipping & Receiving

Our shipping and receiving department is set up for optimal efficiency. Finished castings are organized on over 42,000 sq. ft. of floor space. This allows for adequate storage and protection from the elements.