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Virtual Tour: Molding

We have two different molding lines at this time. The first system gives us about six flask type molds per hour and is used primarily for our larger castings. The second is the IMF molding system that allows us to produce up to 15 flask-less molds per hour. The IMF system is also very adaptable to a wide range of pattern sizes, from 36" x 36" to 65" x 90" without hindering the process. The automated rollover machine separates the sand mold form the pattern with precision and unmatched accuracy. The tip-up machine allows the operator to apply the mold coating efficiently to provide a superior casting finish. Automating the process of closing the cope on the drag ensures our customers the most accurate fit for parting design. This system also offers automated indexing of more than 120 molds in the pour and storage area as well as tracking for special requirements of a variety of molds. An overhead control room which tracks molds and provides trouble-shooting, helps monitor the entire system.


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